How to Transfer a Domain Name To Tango Hosting

Follow the steps below to transferring your domain name to Tango Hosting
1. Your domain name must be registered at your current register for over 60 days before it may be transferred; if this is not the case please wait until you reach the 60 days to proceed to the next steps. Expired domain names cannot be transferred.
2. At your current registrar, verify that your domain name administrative contact WhoIs email address is current. If applicable, turn off any private domain name registration service that does not show your actual email address for your WhoIs public administrative contact record.
3. At your current registrar, unlock your domain name to allow it to be transferred.
4. At your current registrar, request a transfer authorization key/code for your domain name and submit a support ticket with this information, please note your domain name in the support ticket transfer request.

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