How to send WordPress emails with an SMTP plugin with authentication

By default WordPress does not support SMTP authentication which we required on our network to reduce spam abuse.
In order for WordPress websites to send email (Forgot password, comments...) an SMTP plugin with authentication is required, such as Easy WP SMTP. We do not endorse any WordPress plugins, however we have installed the Easy WP SMTP plugin on may WordPress websites over the years and it has worked every time.
Please visit your WebsitePanel control panel to create a dedicated email address for your WordPress SMTP plugin. We suggest, where is your actual domain name.
WebsitePanel > Mail > Accounts > Create mail account button
Easy WP SMTP -  WordPress Plugin
After the Easy WP SMTP plugin is installed and activated please configure the General Settings.
From Email Address:
From Name: Website -
SMTP Host:
Type of Encription: None
SMTP Port: 587

SMTP Authentication: Yes

SMTP username:
SMTP Password: Password created for email in WebsitePanel
Save Changes button
After the Easy WP SMTP plugin General Settings are configured run a Testing And Debugging Settings to ensure it's working properly.

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